The General Council: Introduction



The Presbyterian Church of Jesus, Korea General Council is a denomination formed by individual, autonomous churches associated with each other through a council convened whenever necessary. Many aspects of the polity in vertical hierarchy in the presbyterianism have been modified to serve the purpose of the horizontal autonomy of individual churches functioning through a council, and the renovation process through time proved both to have been unfrequented before and to be vindicative enough to give birth to a denomination in an outfit of council.


The path that the General Council is pursuing was sought first by Young-Hee Paik in the late 1950s, and formulated and trodden by Paik himself in the 1960s and 1970s; the General Council could be better understood when the doctrines and articles of faith of Paik are studied along with his acts and deeds.



The General Council in Faith


The General Council seeks to follow the pure faith of the apostolic churches, which has made it classified as downright conservative in the Korean presbyterianism that in turn could be recognized among Korean church denominations as one of those endeavoring to preserve pure faith. The struggle to keep the essence of early churches was answered by God who worked through the faith to establish a largest Sunday school in the world.


The Council seeks to live the salvation of Jesus Christ, which has been possible as in its early days it was granted by the Lord a clear understanding on regenerate soul; mind (or heart) and body (or flesh) laid aside as material entities, regenerate soul (or spirit) is the spiritual entity responsible for clothing the both with the salvation, and this defines what to live for after the saint becomes regenerate. It took the Council time as well as endurance to adopt the truth as the guidance to a perfect salvation, as difficulties have confronted the Council from without in early days and from within at the time of Rev. Paik's death and thereafter.



The General Council in Doctrines


The anthropology of the Paikian theology has clarified two distinctive realms of soul that is of spiritual and mind that is of material; soul is to work to accomplish the salvation through mind and body. Man's material components have been studied to the last phase as psychology has contributed much to understanding of human minds through various works now including artificial intelligence, and recent development in biotechnology has entered into a finalizing step to conclude a mind genome. The Paikian theology has furthered understanding of soul separated from material elements including conscience to better corresponding soteriology.


It is the Paikians' task, now in the 2000s and years to come, to compile, comprehend, and present the vast amount of truth left by Rev. Paik to the light of the world, and to develop his doctrines into a more approachable teaching and a more accessible theology.

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