We  are happy to announce that the Paikian has now been launched featuring the teachings of Rev. Paik, Young-Hee (1910-1989). The Paikian is an organ of the Paik Pastoral Institute (http://pkist.net) in Korea to outreach the people outside Korea.

   In its early stage, Paikian is focusing on posting the English translations of sermons of Rev. Paik, recorded throughout his life up to his death in 1989. The number of sermons added hereafter will be small considering the vast amount of his teachings available today, as the translation works are currently undertaken by only a few. It is being worked to add his videotaped sermons in Korean along with English scripts as a means of outreach as well as audio versions of the sermons in English.

   The doctrines and articles of faith in Paikian theology are also being translated into English, and it is hoped that what can be done could be realized one by one in the course of time.