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4 Selected Sermons Series Is Out image Aug 02, 2008
30-monograph set of Selected Sermons is now published. Each booklet of Volumes 1 through 30 contains one or two sermons of Rev. Paik, Young-Hee, and is from SS-01 through SS-30 in the Translations se...  
3 Meditative Poems Manuscript Jan 31, 2008
An English translation of the book of meditative poems written by Rev. Paik that was published in 2005 is now finished; a manuscript of 'From the Exhausting Cliff' is posted on Translations page.  
2 Correction to Poem 2 Dec 26, 2007
It has been prompted by a visitor that an error regarding interpretation in Poem 2 can interest the webmaster, and it did. The Poem 2 has been amended accordingly, 'the potter's work' to 'a cr...  
1 The Paikian Is Now Open 3 Dec 20, 2007
We are happy to announce that the Paikian has now been launched featuring the teachings of Rev. Paik, Young-Hee (1910-1989). The Paikian is an organ of the Paik Pastoral Institute ( ...  
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