The Light of the World


14 You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.


The Word to the Elect

While men are all created by one God, they are not of one sort but two. One is those who were elected to be in the purpose of Christ before the predestination and the creation. The other is those who are not elect but to be used for the salvation of the elect. Man can be thus divided into two sorts.


Inheritance also is of two sorts. The elect receive an inheritance which is eternal, and those who are not elect receive the present world. The words of the Old and New Testaments are given exclusively for the elect; they are not for those who are not elect. The words of the Scripture are the way of truth to break the works of those who are not elect and to edify to bring up all the elect.


Therefore those who are not elect cannot keep the words, or the laws of God, to their benefit; it profits them nothing to obey the words, but it will only make their works worse. The reason is that the words of God work to destroy the works of the devil, to destroy sin, and to destroy death, and the world consists of these three. The words of God, or the way of truth, work to praise and exalt God and all things of His, work to build righteousness according to the law of God, and make us live eternally through His blessing.


Man has two sorts of knowledge. One is the knowledge of the world which is also the knowledge of human autonomy and subjectivity. This knowledge has been established under the supervision of the evil spirit since the evil spirit took control of man after the Holy Spirit left man when he had fallen. The other knowledge is that of God which is the words in the Old and New Testaments, and the Inspiration.


In every affair of life, these two knowledges do not seem to be in conflict in the beginning and the middle of the affair, and in fact they are in harmony with each other. The two knowledges, however, will oppose each other at the conclusion of the affair. This is when it is decided which knowledge believers take as their own and which spirit believers take as their own, of God or of the evil spirit. It is said in Ephesians 2:1 that the prince of the power of the air is now governing in unbelievers.


We are in anguish and struggle between the two types of knowledge. Disturbances and strifes occur when we try to change all the laws and hopes inside us, which belong to the first Adam and which are focused on flesh and blood and the evil spirit, into the laws and hopes that God gives us.


We are of one man living consistently before we come to believe in Jesus, but we become of two different men, old man and new man, after we are regenerated. Then besides old man, we have new man regenerated through the blood, the Holy Spirit, and the truth. We have two men inside us, and these two struggle with each other; we have an internal struggle. The internal strife occurs inside us.


We have external struggles too. There are many people outside us, and some of them go abiding by the laws of God, and others abiding by the laws of the world opposing the laws of God. We have to live ever struggling with the laws of the world in friction with and opposition to the laws of God if we are to live by the laws of God.


Today's word in Matthew 5:14 is for us, the believers. Believers will be recompensed according to this word from the beginning to the end, but those who are not elect have nothing to do with this word.


When we believers live by the laws of the world, the one inside us who is to perish grows and prospers more and more. This one, however, will be broken and destroyed when we live by the faith in Jesus, the way of truth of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Then what belong to eternal life based on God, that are perfect, eternal, immortal, and immutable, are accomplished. Therefore Christians do not live to take and establish what is in the passing world to perish later; discarding such temptations, we are to prepare the eternal and immutable things that are indestructible, incorruptible, imperishable, and permanent.


It is said, "Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal." 'Moth does not destroy' means that it is not to perish forever while everything on earth will be culled, will fail, and diminish through time. 'Rust does not destroy' means that all the surrounding wickedness which corrupts does not destroy. 'Thieves do not break in or steal' means that it will not be devoured by death while everything of ours will be devoured by death.


Treasures mean one's possessions, his body, riches, honor, or authority in the earth. When we take our treasures according to the word of God and when we keep and use them according to the word of God, we will have the right, to possess and to use them, transferred to the eternal world.


For example, the position which Daniel took was what God gave to him since he took his position not violating the laws of God but obeying His laws. Babylon and Persia and their authority as well will not exist when he goes to the eternal kingdom, but Daniel will command the authority and glory forever that he once had in the historical Babylon and Persia.


You Are the Light of the World

It is said here, "You are the light of the world." The light presupposes the darkness of the world. It is said in John 1, "The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it," and "There was the true Light coming into the world, Jesus Christ who was sent."


What does it mean that the world is the darkness, we are the light, and believers are the light?


Here we are said to be the light, but in other places we are said to be entrusted with the light. So in Revelation, the Church is likened as the moon. The moon itself does not emit light but reflects it; the Church is revealed as what reflects the light of God to the dark world even though it does not emit light.


Light and Darkness

What does light mean? and darkness? All beings are a creature, and every one of them has their Creator. Even a least and humblest being is what the Creator created as He needed it. Now there are the Creator and creatures. The light is the truth and the laws that are the will of God. The Creator made His will regarding all the creation as His laws, to guide, to instruct, to dispense, and to judge.


This truth cannot come to us normally. Then to us Jesus Christ brought this truth, the essence and foundation of which is the invisible God manifested in a visible form. Thus Jesus is the image of the invisible God, and it is said that we are called to become conformed to the image of Jesus. Jesus manifested the invisible God. Jesus is the essence of God, the nature and attribute of God, the will of God, and the intelligence of God. That is why Jesus is called the Light of the world.


It is said that the true Light came into the world that is the only begotten Son of God, and we are said to be the ones to whom the light has been entrusted. Basically we are not the light but the one to whom the light is given, and we should become the light to all the dark world that has no light.


What does it mean to be dark in 'the dark world'? All creatures exist because they are created by the Creator. His sovereignty dictates life and death of the creatures, and all activities of eating, drinking, and living.


Nevertheless, men do not know their Creator and they deny Him. They do not adopt the will of the Creator as their law and norm. Instead, men serve the evil spirit that causes them to cause others to fall to each other, and they are taught and ruled by the evil spirit to establish their systems and laws. This has resulted in human knowledge called cultural construction. This is the darkness.


Even though the sovereign authority belongs to the Creator, in darkness and ignoring Him they prepare their own systems, organizations, and laws to live on, totally in discord with the laws of the Creator. Consequently everything of theirs cannot be right but it is all wrong, which renders them unable to overcome death, to surpass death, and to take hold of the eternal life. Further everything of theirs is to be swept into the lake of fire and brimstone. This is called the dark world.


They know anything but the laws of God who is the Sovereign and Creator judging all men and the creation to recompense according to their deeds. They manage, hope, appraise, judge, and lust without Him so that everything of theirs is at odds with the Creator and is only to perish. This is called the dark world.


The Light in Detail

Why are we called the light of the world? We must know the will of God in order to know how to live, how to use our mind and body, what to eat and what to abstain from, what to enjoy and what to refrain from, and what to take and what to abandon.


In a family parents should know how to bring up their children, and children should know how to respect their parents. Men live forming organizations of society, institutions, nations, races, and mankind as a whole. In these organizations we should know how to behave. We have the laws which God proclaimed and we ought to behave properly according to these laws; we should be a king this way, we should be a head that way, we should be a servant this way, we should be a master that way, and so on.


On Bringing up Children

It is said, "Bring up your children in the Lord." This means to raise them to be true man according to the way of truth of the Scripture of God. Bring them up to be in accordance with the will of God. Do not bring them up following the devil to make them fallen and defiled, but bring them up according to the laws of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to make them true man.


It is said, "Do not provoke your children to anger." This means not to force them; instead, since we have the right way, we should walk the right way ourselves first, and then talk to and teach them, then they will be inspired. To bring up children through compulsion, parental rights, or any means violating the will of God will make us exhausted and enemies to them, to fail ultimately. To bring them up according the will of God will secure the help of the Holy Spirit of God and the truth, and it will be easy to proceed through inspiration and edification, rather than compulsion. Children will disdain in their consciences the consciences of their parents who lack virtue resorting to compulsion.


On Husband and Wife Relationship

It is also said on man and wife. Husband is head of wife; then husband should not take his supremacy to lord over and abuse wife. Husband should absolutely obey God first, and then wife will live in submission to him. It may be that, not submitting to God, husband coerces his wife to submission and the wife seems to obey the husband externally, but not inside in many layers of thought; such relationship breaks down in the end.


Husband usually is superior to wife in all intelligence, but he should not live in his higher knowledge only, and he should go sympathizing with the lower knowledge of wife. Or, it is said that his prayers will be hindered and will not come up to God, and his children will not be clean.


On Servant and Master Relationship

Servants are required to serve masters as they would serve God. Masters are required not to be rude to their servants, knowing that both servants' Master and their Master is in heaven. Masters in earth should be in complete submission to the Master in heaven, and then servants in earth will be in complete submission to their earthly masters. Then the sole sovereignty will pervade both masters and servants to establish the unified divine rule in human systems in which the peace, blessings, and life of God will be dispensed. God says it all.


On Human Authorities

It is also told us to obey human authorities. Both the elect and those who are not elect are servants of God. There is no authority except from God, and God has commanded the holder of authority, or power, this and that for a purpose. Since God works inside the conscience of the holder of power, it will go well as long as he exercises the power following his own conscience because those who belong to him will submit to him, which makes all peaceful, prosperous, and successful.


Every authority has its scope within which it is allowed to be exercised by its holder, but it may be that the holder of power exercises it beyond the limit, resulting in malfeasance and abuse of power accumulating every lawlessness. This is why it is said, "Power will not last more than ten years before it collapses."


It is taught in the Scripture as laws for us how to live; how to conceive our intentions, and how to behave. Now that God says, "I am the One who gives to each one according to their deeds," are the deeds of our hands? of our speech? or of our feet?


"You will know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts." God reckons even what is done inside our mind and heart as our deeds. So when we keep our mind and heart and desires to do according to what God says, we will be blessed above all the peoples of the earth.


Many tend to think that blessings are of material. Because of the materialistic nature of the world, the material abundance in the world, while a blessing, is said to be a curse elsewhere in the Bible. "God will bless you above all the peoples of the earth" means that He will bless us to possess all the universe and the spiritual world in the eternal world to come. It also means that we will become true man as an heir of God connected to Him to receive His inheritance. The true man is to be high above the peoples of the earth and is to be master of all.


It is said in 1 Corinthians 3:21 and thereafter, "All things belong to you, things of the heaven or the world, things of life or death, or things present or things to come." How can we make them belong to us? Answer is, "Belong to Christ the God, and everything will belong to you. Obey God, and everything will obey you. Rebel against God, and everything will rebel against you. Ignore God and rage in misunderstanding that you own everything, which is in fact God's, and all things will oppose you." It is said in the Scripture.


They were excited that there would be a good harvest this year, but now they are worried loudly that it will be a poor harvest because it has rained too much. Now the rice paddy which has been scythed should be dried, but it has been raining too much. As the continuous wet weather may sprout rice, some are trying to dry them by heating inside houses, but can it work?


Last night I too was worried, saying, "It is a divine disaster to have a wet weather during a harvest, and we may have food shortage"; but I did not have any courage to pray to God. I was just worried and could not pray to God, but I was compelled by the rain last night to pray to God.


"God! We die when You make us die, and we live when You make us live. They are doing everything, not knowing that they belong to You and that they are dying. I pray You to argue with them leniently, and not to exact them. I pray You to let up this rain so that we may avoid famine. Those whom You deem to be unworthy to be fed are ruling those whom you deem to be worthy to be fed. I pray You to stop this rain." Out of anxiety I went on my knees, and the rain abated sometime later. I am not sure whether He stopped the rain upon my prayer, but anyhow it stopped. This is also what we ought to pray.


Our priesthood dictates us to mediate a harmonious relationship between God and the people who out of ignorance provoke Him. We should pray, "They are ignorant, which is why the Lord suffered on the cross of blood. Pardon them, and forgive them, and have mercy on them," so that the iniquity of men may not be conveyed wholly up to God, resulting in their destruction. We have become mediator through Jesus the Mediator, and we should pray God to have His wrath subside to bring His mercies to our people, society, and neighbors whom we may not know. This is what the priesthood is for, and what we who have already believed should do.


'You are the light of the world' means that we are entrusted with the truth, the eternal law of God which can make man happy, to testify it to the world which is dark in human autonomy and the law of the evil spirit that only leads them astray. We are entrusted with the light and we are to testify the truth. Also we are to propagate the faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, the essence of the truth. This is what it means that 'You are the light of the world.'


A City Set on a Hill Cannot Be Hidden

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." 'A city on a hill cannot be hidden' means that the city cannot hide itself. It is impossible to hide the city on a hill.


What does this mean? Unbelievers have nothing to do with the law of God, whether they obey or disobey it. Why? They are given the world as their inheritance. God condones those who are not elect when they transgress, unless their transgressions harm many people, which God will intervene to recompense. God will not interfere with those who are not elect that live in sin and will go to the pit of fire and brimstone, but He will interfere with the lives of the elect greatly.


'A city set on a hill cannot be hidden' means that the elect who are regenerate believers cannot hide the results of their deeds. What is recompensed on their deeds cannot be hidden, but will be exposed to light to all the people.


The elect are not to be a believer in name only; believers should believe the word of God to practice it as the law of their living. Believers should believe in Jesus as their Savior observing the law which He has given to us.


Let us take an example of a believer. He neither believes in Jesus nor disbelieves in Him, and he demonstrates how to believe improperly so that his life as an example leads many astray. Others say, "He is doing fine in life in the world even though his church life is poor. His behaviors have nothing to do with the word of the Scripture, and there is no distinction between him and unbelievers except that he attends church." However, he himself has something to say, "Not all things are executed according to the word of God," and he hopes that the due wrath, curse, and woe of God will not befall him even though he does not carry out the task which God entrusted him with. He argues, saying, "Do you think that all things really come to pass according to one's belief in Jesus?"


There is a believer in Jesus who does not lead a life in the light and at the same time who tries to hide his own deeds to avoid the due retribution. He is the one who believes in Jesus incorrectly, and hopes that no woe will fall upon him. He tries to hide himself to dodge away the recompense from God. He is trying to hide a city set on a hill. He cannot escape the retribution incurred by his deeds. Let us remember this fast.


When one believes in Jesus, elect and regenerate, God recompense him according as he believes in the Lord who is God and observes to live according to the way of truth. That recompense which God renders is not what men can prevent or hide themselves from. No power can hide itself from the recompense. A king will receive the judgment too if he does not keep the truth. A king may be a somebody among men but not before God. A king and a least are all the same before God; He gave much to the one to make him king, and little to the other to make him a nobody.


There are believers who are said to believe in Jesus while leading a life inside themselves violating the word of God, and who are said to live according to the word of the Scripture while in fact ignoring the word of God; they live according to their opinions, their lusts, their authority, their qualifications, their eloquence, their skills, their own ways, and their strength. These will perish through curse and wrath of God, and it is said in Deuteronomy 28 clearly.


Men living this way, the woes cannot be avoided however hard they may try to escape them. God will make it brought to light clearly―"Look! He believed Jesus abominably such and such, and now not only he himself but also his descendants of third and fourth generations have been destroyed."


There can be others to the contrary―"We know that he has believed righteously such and such, and we thought that he would be ruined shortly. Now we see that he is doing fine. Since he tries to do everything right and not to harm others, he is always suffering loss and taken advantage of. He seems to be doomed to failure when viewed from a common sense." It does not happen as expected; he lives following the word and prospers higher and higher because of the miracles and blessings of God.


When one lives according to the word, three years will be enough for him to become rich. It takes one three years to become rich, but not many people live according to the word. Why? It is said, "This people is unclean, and this nation is unclean. If a man carries holy meat in the fold of his garment, only the meat is holy. Even if he touches bread with this fold or any other food, they will not become holy." Indeed it does not become holy.


What is right is right only when applied to itself; all the other things do not become right because of that. Sin is different. A sin can make all the other things defiled and sinful.


"Even though this nation and people have a right thing, they cannot have all the other things right because of the very right thing; this people thinks that a right thing will make everything right as well. They have both a right thing and wrong things. The blessing of God will come if they correct their wrong things, but they do not correct them, which makes all things including the right thing wrong things; consequently the blessings of God cannot come." This is said in the Scripture.


We just said that three years is enough for us to become rich. Then what should we do during the three years? There is an outline which God gave us as a principle to live righteously before Him: the Ten Commandments are explained throughout the sixty-six Books of the way of truth. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit will teach us about the Commandments when we employ our conscience. Let us keep the first Commandment.


We must devote our hearts to God acknowledging that only God is sovereign, only God is the Ruler, only God is the Creator, only God is the greatest and highest, only God is the King of kings and the Lord of the lords, and only God reigns. We should live dealing with God as such; whomever He wills to make prosper will prosper, and whomever He wills to make perish will perish. We should deal with Him admitting that He has sovereign authority.


The second Commandment tells us not to worship idols; we should not admit that those many good things in the earth will make us happy. Suppose that one starts a business and works hard to make it a big one, and then says, "I am secure as long as I have this company of mine." He is saying that the business which he has made rules his own life, death, prosperity, and woe, and so God has nothing to do for him. This is idolatry. This destroys him.


When what we do this or that way flourishes, we should take it giving thanks to God as God has made us prosper, and further we should seek for how to keep it. We should manage and keep it according to the law of God, and then everything will be fine. Let us not make it our idol.


Also suppose that one works harder and harder to reach to a highest position of power. Then he should thank God for the authority, and he should not exercise it on his own because it is what God has given him. He should always thank God and ask Him how to use the power. Then God will show him when to use it or when not to use it, and He will command him to endure criticism when it is necessary. When he rules according as God bids him, he will be exceedingly successful. Many would say that they can live as long as their power lasts, and this makes them idolaters, and they will perish.


When a believer in Jesus aspires to a political office, he should first be determined as, "Only God can make me attain this office." Acknowledging His sovereignty, he should do everything as God directs him to, so that He becomes pleased to bestow the desired office on him, so that he becomes qualified enough to receive the office from Him, and so that He becomes moved to bestow the office on him. God will never grant a regime to a person who would employ any means and method to grab power mobilizing people this or that way on evil purposes. He will even die in the evil of his own making. We must understand this.


Again, suppose that a person endeavors diligently to become a great scholar. This is also what God confers on him; but if he thinks inside himself, "I am secure since I have this academic qualification," the academic qualification is his idol.


The third Commandment tells us not to take the name of God in vain. It is God who works to dispense to us a poor harvest, a good harvest, rain, cold weather, snow, wind, and so on. Now that we know that these are all what God gives us, we must not slander, oppose, and resist what befall us. When some seemingly undesirable things happen to us as God sends all natural conditions and social trends, we must not complain, saying, "Why is this wind blasting? What is this rain good for?" Rather, we should accept them as we would accept them from God, saying, "We do not need this wind, but God is sending it to us now. Probably God is indignant with us. God! What sin did we commit to make you send this undesirable wind to us? this unnecessary rain? this unneeded sun scorching all things? What is it, God?" We must not habitually complain whenever unfavorable conditions overtake us; rather we should submit ourselves to Him inquiring of Him, saying, "For what reason are you sending us this occasion?" This is how we can make God abate his indignation with us and have mercy on us.


When parents are angry with their children to whip them with a switch, an understanding child will dwell on why he is being whipped and come up with what to correct, saying, "Father, are you angry at this thing of mine? I confess that I have done it. I will correct it right away." Then the parents will become relieved and throw away the switch.


What if the child would not understand parents' intention but keep saying as being whipped, "I will be whipped to death!"? They will be dumfounded; some parents would keep whipping their child, and I would personally whip him almost to death. Of course his physical condition then will worry parents. What is observed in a parent-child relationship is also true in the relationship between God and us.


It is now raining too much and it is not desirable as it is spoiling the harvest, and we are warned of a threat of war with North Korea repeatedly, and this is inauspicious too. Antigovernmental rallies will increase student power. Students now habitually resort to demonstrate their multitude, trying to have their cause prevail. If they keep exercising their multitude as a means of majority rule to crush even right things when they think it necessary, God will intervene to nullify their majority edge. We must understand this. This is the dark world. The dark world.


A City on a Hill Cannot Be Hidden

"A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." We believers in Jesus cannot hide ourselves. "Let us see that person who believes in Jesus superficially now. He is extremely successful but he does not believe truly in Jesus. He does not live according to the word. Let us see his last." We can witness it. His children will go wrong; his business will go wrong; his conditions will go shrinking like a burnt hide of dog; he will be constantly bombarded with unexpected accidents to his despair, to his exhaustion, and to his dissolution.


"He gives to His beloved even in his sleep." The one who believes in God and depends on Him prospers in everything somehow, sleeping as much as needed. Is it not said, "Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain"? Is there anything that man can do when God would not grant?


When we live in the light, others will tell us, "Man, do not believe in Jesus like that. Others do not believe in Jesus as you do. You will be ruined if you continue to believe as you are believing in Jesus now." Still we should believe according to the word. They will say, "We see danger coming now that he accepts the word to practice it in a foolish way. He should be wise enough to evade the word this and that way, but he would live by the word. He is absurd." However, it does not happen as they predict. Everyone thinks that he is dead now that he has been cast into the lions' den, but he comes back alive the next morning. This is Christianity.


He was expected to fail, but now he is prospering somehow for some reason which others do not perceive. So others cannot but conclude that it is God who has made him prosper, otherwise his prosperity cannot be accounted for. As plants put forth buds when spring comes, whatever he undertakes is prospering and promising. It sprouts forth.


So all the others will come to say, "Man is successful not because of his greed, diligence, wisdom or understanding, endeavor, confidence, or guts; we now know from his private history that God exists. He lives according to the word of God and the truth, only to lose and concede to others making himself look unsophisticated, but it is strange that he be blessed to succeed in whatever he starts. I too had better believe in Jesus and be blessed." This person in darkness is made to return to the light. It is said in Daniel 12 that those who lead many from darkness to light will shine brightly like the stars forever and ever.


The Creator who made all things out of nothing is omniscient. Scientists say much these days, but they do not have a whole understanding of, say, a bamboo branch. What scientists say cannot occupy one-millionth of what God has created. Infinitude is included inside what God has created.


God is meticulous, and He promulgated His laws to rule the life and death of man. As He said, "You shall not eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, for you will surely die if you eat it," there has been no man that escaped death after eating the fruit, however hard they have tried. The law of eternal life was established only by the second Adam who came later.


What does the law of eternal life say? The flesh belonging to the first Adam is subject to death, but the soul and the heart do not die. They live eternally. They as well as the flesh will be all raised on resurrection. Is there any knowledge of this sort in the world? No. They are dark because they do not know this.


Even though one could have all the human knowledge, he would be like a flower with no roots if he does not know that all beings have their Creator. He will wither soon. He has nothing that he truly knows. First we should know that the Creator exists. Then we should know what the will of the Creator is, and then we should know that a creature is to live according to the will of God to be blessed by Him. This knowledge, such as it is, is excellent.


When a casual, dirty believer tries to prevent the retribution which is to be inflicted up to his third and fourth generations, from coming upon him according to the Scripture, he cannot help it, or 'it cannot be hidden.' It will befall him according to the word. "Man! Even though you try hard to turn a deaf ear to the word of God, all the descendants of those who ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil will die. You cannot escape death however hard you may try." This is what cannot be hidden. Man cannot avoid it by any means.


No One Lights a Lamp and Puts It under a Basket

"No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket." The world will try to cover the one who lives in faith in Jesus upon grace and according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who lives the light to the world, and who lives according to the word. The world will try to hide him.


"It is heresy. The church is heretical." The world now try to hide it using every slander but 'no one puts it under a basket.' "When you do what belongs to the light, the whole world will try to hide the light which you have done, but they will fail to do so. You only be right, and you only live by the light. Then all the world and men, trying to bury you who live rightly and calling you a heretic or something, will not prevail because God forbids them. The Master will put you on the lampstand for everyone to see."


"You must not worry if others would not acknowledge your righteous deeds or if others would not listen to you when you testify the truth which is right. What you whispered in other's ear will be proclaimed upon the housetops, and what you said in your hideout will be all announced publicly."


"If you understand the truth correctly to establish your deeds, knowledge, and person according to the truth, God will exalt your light high in the whole world to propagate your doctrines and articles of faith. No one can hide it, and it will spread out in the world."


It Gives Light to All Who Are in the House

"It is put on the lampstand and it gives light to all who are in the house." The family who are in the house were in darkness since there was no lamp. This is a parable. They were in darkness―our family, church, work, and subjects belonging to us. They are so dark that they do not know God and His laws, and that they live in subjection to lifeless laws in darkness, and we should be the light to them who belong to us.


Now that a lamp is lighted, the family are in light. They are in light. Once one lives the light, it will be sufficient for those who belong to the one to live in the light, in the truth, and in the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Their person believing in Jesus will become right. The point is whether one becomes the light. When the one becomes the light, what belong to the one will become right however vast the extent to become light may be. It is a matter of time, and they will all become right. If they do not become right during the one's lifetime, they will become right posthumously.


This is why Jesus said, "It is finished," on the cross. Jesus lived the light, but He was crucified to death. All the people thought that He was buried, but His Way of truth of life was spread throughout history to save innumerous people, having them hear the truth to believe in Jesus. "Therefore all the problems depend on you and you only who have the light, and no one can cover and hide you when you live the light. All that belong to you will live in the light when you live the light. Do not rage yourself to save many people; first save yourself, then you be the true man, you be the man of the truth and the Holy Spirit, and you be a true model of Jesus. Then they who belong to you will live in the light."


They May See Your Good Works

Further it is said that we should live the light "before men in such a way that they may see our good works, and glorify our Father who is in heaven." What is good in 'good works'? 'Good' in the worldly sense is different; good is what is good for men according to the laws of the evil spirit and the world. This is different from good in the Scriptural sense. Even though one is awarded a worldly renowned Nobel prize, it can be evil according to the Bible if the person is an atheist.


What is the definition of 'good' here? Overcoming the centering of the creation instead of the Creator, we must live centering the Self-existent One, the Creator, the Maker, the Lord, the Sovereign, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords―this is good.


God is now centered on when we follow the words of the Old and New Testaments. It will be our good if we center on God to our death, and if we do not compromise deeds in the faith of Jesus to our death threat. Centering on God means centering on Jesus to believe in, and centering on Jesus means centering on the words of the Old and New Testaments. If we live by this, those who are not elect will oppose us out of ignorance, and the elect will glorify the Father, and those who are not elect will become influenced to repent and start believing.


When we live the light and live in the true faith in Jesus, there is one more to be careful for. There is a precaution in conclusion. Our deeds have to be good, and they are to be of no use otherwise. Even if we live following the word of God and believe in Jesus faithfully, it may be that we do all these because we seek for honor, authority and power, popularity among people, or our own good salvation only, that is, for our sakes.


We should do all these centering on the One who is the Creator, the Maker, the Foundation, and the only God. He will advocate us to the full when we do all these centering on Him and for His sake, but we will be His enemy when we do all these centering on ourselves. The enemy of a regime would be the most powerful opposition among many opposing powers. It must be an enemy. However exactly man lives according to the word, he will become a big enemy to Him unless he centers his life on God. Therefore it is said that a lesser good is an enemy of a greater good.



Let us remember the word, "You are the light of the world." How we believe now will be revealed clearly. "That is the result of believing in Jesus erroneously; he believed in Jesus such and such to become what he is now."


"He believes in Jesus such and such, and we think that he will fall and fail." As Daniel was saved just before he was really ruined, we must believe in Jesus till we are really ruined. When we are really ruined as we have believed in Jesus, everyone will say that we are really ruined; then God will exalt us. This is Christianity.


Let everyone pray on their own.