The Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

One who is pure in heart will come to know correctly who God is, to meet God, and to receive all graces and blessings of God; only through the pure heart will these three be realized.

All aspects of ours will become sound in dealing with God, when we know Him rightly as our heart becomes pure. As we see God rightly and come to know about Him rightly, we will come to do everything as we can to make ourselves trimmed, cleaned, and pruned before Him, so that we may appear to Him acceptable, worthy, and approved. Everyone who has seen God will first strive to become wholesome before Him.

We will deal with God rightly and hope for Him once we know of Him rightly when we have been pure in heart, and we will receive all graces and blessings of God. In other words, knowing God correctly we ourselves become clean, our deeds become clean, and we will hope and receive all graces and blessings from Him.

All things we Christians pursue result in futility unless we do them in the purity of our heart. This does not mean our heart is of any use or value when it is pure; it is a blessing to see God when we are pure in heart, and we are blessed to see Him rightly when we are pure in heart. We cannot see God rightly when we are impure in heart, and consequently we will not try to be wholesome before Him, ending up to self-indulgence instead.

When we see God correctly, we will come to know Him correctly and refrain from committing any deed that may offend God, so our deeds will be of good. And when our heart becomes clean as we see Him correctly, we will receive from God all graces and blessings. We can see God only when we are pure in heart, and we will become pure in our self, deeds, and hopes, to receive whatever we need from Him. It is a great blessing for us to have a pure heart: we can see God when we are pure in heart. Clean heart is said to be a good conscience appealing for God in 1 Peter 3.

How can we make our heart pure? Our heart may not become pure even though we purge ourselves of wickedness, deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, strife, malicious gossips, slander, or hate: nor can it be purified if we exercise Christian morality as well as worldly morality. We will not be made pure in heart until we have cherished the redemption of life and death of Jesus which made us pure. We have been given no other way to rid and cure ourselves of all blemishes we cannot help, except to think, adore, contemplate, and feel the redemption of life and death of Jesus.

Our heart becomes clean when we receive the redemption of life and death of Jesus into our heart, not deserting the redemption, which is why Jesus is called our life who redeemed us through life and death; we can observe the same in our flesh which moves only to remove wastes and to renew itself and grow further when intact, but which becomes corrupt and degraded the moment disconnected from life.

Now that we can become pure in heart only when we receive our Lord in our heart who gave us the redemption of life and death, how do we receive the Lord? The Lord of our redemption can come inside us when we think, adore, and believe how the Lord saved us through His life and death. It is the only way for the Lord to come inside us.

The Lord gave up for our sake all the riches in heaven to be poor and humble; when we think and adore His redemption to receive the Lord into our heart, we will come to understand that there will be nothing that we cannot be humbled about for Jesus, there will be no logic that we would not become poor for the Lord, and there will be no circumstances that we refuse to suffer difficulties and hardships for the Lord. All this result from the understanding we are bestowed when we contemplate on how the Most High One worked the redemption of life and death. We become such a person as to see nothing impossible to bear any persecution for the Lord who saved us; we will understand this when the Inspiration and the truth illumine us as we think and adore His redemption.

We will be definitely bound, not against our will but in accord with our willingness, to choose to be humiliated, to be impoverished, and to be actively involved in troubles for the Lord who saved us. Also we will not put off nor desert the redemption of the Lord, and we will not commit sin in spite of any difficulty imaginable to abide by the redemption that was worked by utmost power making us unafraid of death which dreads us to make us its slave and Satan's as well.

The more we understand, reflect on, think, and study the redemption of Jesus that saved us from eternal destruction, the less we would choose affairs or things in the world instead of the Lord, however favorable they may be. We will not give up the Lord in order to evade tribulation however fierce it may be.

We will come to be unable to forget or abandon the Lord even when we are in the midst of evil turmoil, unable to cease to yearn for the Lord even when we are in a saddest situation, unable to become more jubilant for anything in the world than for the Lord, and unable to feel urgent for any matter without the Lord taken into consideration first. For the Lord we will be gladly ready to accept any difficulty. And to put on the redemption of the Lord we will assume any role; to do what the Lord wishes we will see nothing that cannot be done. Then we will do nothing in His absence, and we will have nothing without His consent.

No matter how badly we are in a situation busy, intimidating, painful, favorable, unfair, or deplorable, we should not erase the name of the Lord from our heart to wait on a circumstance or affair confronting us that is grave and urgent, however deadly it may be so. Once we yearn for the Lord in our heart so as to understand clearly who the Lord is, we will have no difficult task that we cannot perform, we will take no good thing paying no regard to the Lord, and we will not tolerate and receive anything into our heart in exchange for the Lord, however glorious and honorable it may be.

Now that we have had understanding who the Lord is and we have the Lord inside our heart, we will become as strong as we can be: for the Lord we have nothing that we cannot endure, that we cannot do, that we cannot have, and that we cannot give up. When we receive the Lord whose life and death worked our salvation, we will be pure and wholesome in heart to abide and go together with God.

What saints do or live this or that on the earth is not itself of great or worth to God; the value of what saints do for themselves, family, society, country, or the world is subject to the redemption of life and death of the Lord. Everything we do becomes valuable only when it is done in connection with the redemption; we should explore the truth of His redemption so that we may understand how painstakingly His sacrifice was accomplished, and how gloriously the results of His salvation is unfolding, and we should be inspired by the love of grace of the redemption of the life and death of Jesus, to do a thing that is worthy.

What a human-loving person does for people is not automatically rendered to be beautiful to God, even if the person gives all his or her possessions to feed the poor and surrender his or her body to be burned for others. An extremely great work was done for our sake by the Creator, the Self-existent One, the Ruler, the King of kings, and the omniscient and omnipotent God suffering death to liberate us; Jesus came even to die to enable us who are not worthy to pass the public judgment of God, and we should recognize this love of vicarious suffering and performance done by Jesus; it was Jesus that reconciled us to God the Ruler and we should realize this love of reconciliation accomplished through tribulations. We should feel the difficulties that Jesus went through to save us in His life and death as much as we can, and we should try to understand the salvation on our own. We should appreciate the Lord's love toward us in the teeth of universal difficulties, as well as the Lord's hope given to us through His love; we must understand His love and hope as much as we can, much or little. Then we will know what to do following what the love of the Lord impresses us with―this deed is of worth.

We can live omnipotently in the world if we live the redemption of life and death of Jesus. 'Omnipotent' does not mean we can do anything; it means we can do what we should do without hesitation. Let us receive the Lord of redemption of life and death into our heart and think how the Lord loved us, how He went through difficulties to save us, what great salvation he gave us, and how He is in charge of advancing it eternally. When we study this redemption and gain understanding, we can offer our body and soul before the Lord, and we will live without spot and blemish, clothed with the redemption of the Lord.

Our life is worthy only when inspired by the grace of the redemption. What we can do is limited but He did all necessary for us through His redemption regarding sin, righteousness, God, life, and so on. We can receive this complete redemption as much as we become inspired. We can receive as much redemption of life and death of Jesus as we are moved by it. Anyone not moved by the salvation could offer all of his or hers to do something for the world, but it will result in evil, and it will kill and deceive all, not of worth to humans and to God, and it will perish.

Humans once belonged to eternal death, and God gave us exceedingly great hope through the redemption of life and death. We have our holiness as much as we have explored and understood this redemption; we have the same amount of righteousness, love, power, and things in life. We will become of true person, true deeds, and truth as much as we understand and are influenced by the redemption of life and death of the Lord. It is for us to practice getting inspired by the redemption that God provides us with our realities in the world.

God trains us imposing on us a difficulty hard to bear and setting us in a position either to endure it for the redemption of life and death of the Lord, or to avoid confrontation. God sets us in a position so that we must choose either to get a desired and cherished thing in exchange for the Lord, or to receive the Lord instead of the thing desirable. The more we would empty ourselves for Jesus' sake, the more we can be clothed with His redemption, the more we would endure for the Lord, the more we can fit into His redemption, and the more we are influenced by the redemption to let what we cherish leave behind us, the more we can be inspired by the redemption and stronger the inspiration can grow inside us. The extent to which we can overcome anything intolerably grievous and inescapably painful depends on how much we reflect on His redemption of life and death to make ourselves part of it. How much we can separate ourselves from what others say cannot be given up is decided by how much we are connected to the redemption of Jesus. How much have we made ours the redemption?

It is said in 1 Peter 2:1-2 "Therefore, putting aside all malice and all deceit and hypocrisy and envy and all slander, like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word." Here, 'the word' is all expounding correctly how God loved us, how He redeemed us from what destruction, how He went through what difficulties, and how He accepted and endured the difficulties. Jesus who is the same God came as man to redeem us through His life and death, which is taught in the Old and New Testaments, and we should study the Bible and long for the redemption of life and death as newborn babies only long for milk.

As much as we get understanding about the redemption to be impressed by it, we can perform righteousness of any difficulty imaginable, and we can give up anything, we can persevere with anything, and we can render service and sacrifice however obstructive they may be. We can overcome sin of any gravity, and we can overcome ourselves and Satan.

There will be nothing we cannot do in the world. This does not mean we can do as the omnipotent One does. We can do anything we should do until we have been finished with it. We can offer ourselves up on tribulation until we are finished with it, and we can pour ourselves on until we have succeed in abandoning all things we desire, until we have continued not wavering out being mistreated, until we have ceased to be overwhelmed by a saddest circumstance, and until we have nothing left for which we would do to offer the whole of ourselves.

"Long for the pure milk of the word." Long for the Holy Spirit who teaches Jesus Christ. What is it good for to long for the inspiration we get when exploring the life of Jesus the God and His works? It is the way to receive the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit will come to work inside us when we have tried to understand how God would come incarnate as Jesus, how Jesus suffered, and how He was raised from the dead after three days.

It is not until we have longed for the redemption of life and death of Jesus that the omnipotent Holy Spirit will carry us into understanding how God loved us, what afflictions He was subjected to, what salvation He thus granted to us, and what hope we have now. Then we will understand how we should cherish and carry on this redemption and how we should live for Him, and we will overcome the world, living without spot, blemish, and wrinkle.

Nothing is impossible for us; there is nothing that we are unable to give up if the Lord commands us to, however good it may be; there is nothing inseparable that we are unable to sever from, however painful to part from it may be; there is no affliction that we are unable to bear if the Lord commands us to, however excruciating it may come on us. There is no death that we are unable to die, there is no humility that we are unable to assume, there is no loss that we are unable to suffer, and there is no divine commandment that we are unable to obey to death, following the almighty God. We can live this life if we have our heart become pure.

Do not try to rid unclean elements of this or that worldly sort of your heart, for you cannot do it. We cannot remove impure things out of our heart. Instead long for the Lord of redemption of life and death, and those corrupt elements will be swept out, and those pernicious elements will be melted away. Those who are determined to acquire money or something in the world can come to long for the redemption of life and death if they are elect, and will abandon what they have pursued, like a chaff; they will come to know what they should need and desire is inside Jesus Christ only, which will make them live overcoming the world, sin, Satan, and death. They will observe all the omniscient laws of God to pass the judgment of God, and will live together with Him. Let us endeavor with our upmost efforts exclusively to long for and serve Jesus inside our heart.

Those living in faith think about nothing but the Lord, and long for nothing but the Lord. They will serve others to death like slaves if the Lord tells them to, and they will pursue worldly education to death if the Lord tells them to. Those longing for the Lord and doing anything for the Lord will do the thing to death; they do everything for their lives. We can devote our possessions, body, and life to anything the Lord commands us to, when we have longed for the Lord and we have been inspired by the Lord and His love. This is the life in faith and in power.

In the world we have nothing we cannot do excusing ourselves that it is too difficult, it upsets us too unfairly and unjustly, it is what we cannot part from, it is impossible to endure, its loss is too dear for us, or it is too painful. We have nothing that cannot be done. We have nothing that we cannot do.