Poems of Meditations


A Sermon Excerpt on Poetry


Ephesians 5:18-20

Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord; always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father.


1. Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs

A psalm or poem could be defined as what is summarized in a few words that has come to erupt in utterance out of the heart, wide and deep, full of ineffable love of salvation when the love cannot be contained inside the heart too small to accommodate it.


Also a poem is what has come to explode and thus manifest itself when this grace has worked inside a person fervently, in the person's heart, will, nature, sentiment, knowledge, and love, until it cannot be confined in them any more.


It will be difficult to understand a poem unless one should become almost like the very author of the poem. Author's will being imbedded deep and interspersed wide, poetry is different from a learning in general in that all the elements of intelligence, sentiment, and intent that have saturated the author's subjectivity are operated at the same time to be condensed and expressed in a word or sentence.


The hymns in this passage mean a poem: first we are inspired to feel in our heart, to know about and think about the vicarious redemption of Christ, and what has been initiated thus cannot be controlled by our ordinary sentiment, and it is inflamed in hope and it occupies our knowledge in full, and finally poured out as a poem. Read the Book of Psalms, and you would understand what I am talking about.


I read today one of the poems that Rev. Sohn Yang-Won wrote. Again it does not promise us an understanding that we happened to come by the poem. We will not be able to understand it unless we appreciate the author's depth and height. When we become filled with the Holy Spirit, the Inspiration will make us realize what infinite love Christ has for us, and thus realize that the Most High One is our Father and that the exceedingly great hope in heaven and the creation both exist for this salvation; something must gush out from inside ourselves and it is called a poem. What is boiling inside us and burning inside us can be converted into human language, and it is called poetry.


"Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs." Spiritual songs mean those songs with the nature and essence of abiding and moving eternally that are unlimited in time and space, or perishable, or corruptible.


2. The Saint's Life

We need a meditative life. We need a life in which we can read the Bible and pray. First we should pray meditating on God's Words. After we first meditate on the love of redemption of Christ, we will come to realize that God is indeed our Father, then we will dwell on the hope of the eternal kingdom of heaven that we have inside ourselves, and finally we will come to understand the fact that all beings exist for our salvation; this is when we will be offering thanksgiving to God, and it is different this time --- different thanksgiving and different time from what it used to be.


Also there is a joy arising and accompanying the thanksgiving, which we cannot but utter; this is poetry and we need to continue in living in such poetry.


Hymns mean songs that we cannot help being moved to sing the grace of God, praise the grace of God, and approve the grace of God. We need to sing this sort of hymns. Also there are numerous songs out there in the world that are to be burned and destroyed when the world is burned up, and we are not talking about them here. We need the spiritual songs as our songs as they are not to be burned nor destroyed eternally.


3. A Poem

I have brought a poem.


The Light Has Filled the Darkness

The light has filled the darkness,
and spring has reached the snow from beneath.

Shout loud, waves,
the great sea beneath is sleeping unaware of you.

The living flower radiates smiles from the exhausting cliff,
and pure gold sparkles inside a crucible heated sevenfold.

Sailing in faith on the forbidding sea,
and sailing before the wind leaving the world behind.

This is a poem.


Light is detectable only in darkness. Despite all the tribulations in the world, spring has come beneath the remaining snow. Despite frequent snowstorms during the last winter, a new sprout is budding upward beneath the snow. Despite the raging waves on the surface of the sea, nothing disturbs deep in the sea.


The living flower radiates smiles from the exhausting cliff. The cliff is steep and deep, and with no single drop of rain the flower will not wither but blossom to emanate its fragrance. Pure gold shines inside a crucible which has been heated sevenfold more than usual. We are sailing in hope on the forbidding sea, and we are sailing before the wind, leaving the world behind.


This is a testimony of one's life in faith. Let us pray that we may continue in this poem of praise whether we are in a quiet reality, or in tribulations or the presence of any powerful adversary in future. Also let us come to the presence of the Lord singing hymns bearing our cross and singing songs of victory.

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